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Cameroon: Sadia needs your prayers

By Dan Etheridge

Cancer is never a good thing. Especially if you get diagnosed when you’re 18. But imagine going through treatment without the support of your family. It would be pretty terrible. And that’s exactly what Sadia in Cameroon is going through. Please spend a few minutes praying for her today…

Sadia is from a Muslim family. She became a Christian just two years ago when she was 17. She left Islam to follow Jesus after some Christian friends shared about their faith with her. She was secretly baptised in November 2017. But then, her parents found out that she’d chosen to become a Christian. They weren’t happy. So much so that Sadia had to leave home and go into hiding – she’s been living with the family of a pastor for around two years.

Then, last year, things got worse. She found out she had cancer – and has had to have a series of operations and lots of chemotherapy – she’s been in hospital regularly. She’s been very sick, and has only been in touch with her mum on the phone (and her mum keeps pressuring her to go back to Islam). But, despite all she’s going through, Sadia’s faith in Jesus is stronger than ever. She says:

“The Bible says there is a time for everything…A time to cry, a time to smile. We only want the good times, but the Bible says there is a time for all things. We must be prepared for all times.”

“When I read this Word, it comforts me. He has become my Father. Before, I did not know Him. Now, He protects me like we would protect an egg or a white garment that must not get dirty. And whenever I wonder, ‘Why must I be sick?’, He encourages me by sending me people who visit. …People care for me, even donating their blood (for my transfusions). I really see His love.”

Sadia has now been able to leave hospital and doctors are pleased with her progress – she’s back living with the family of a local pastor.

Please pray for Sadia now…

  • Thank God for Sadia’s faith and courage. Pray that He would continue to strengthen her as she continues her battle with cancer.
  • Thank God for her Christian host family and pray that the Lord will continue to give them what they need to keep up this care.
  • Thank the Lord for the medical care she is receiving. Pray that He would continue to provide for her and that He would heal her in His time.

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The Author
Dan works part time with Open Doors, mainly sorting out the comms stuff for youth and students. In his other life he's a freelance writer and graphic designer who likes collecting records and sitting on beaches looking at waves.

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