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Central Asia: Akmal’s story

February 6, 2017

God is doing some incredible things around the world. He’s changing lives, bringing healing and showing people His love in amazing ways. Read this testimony, written by Akmal, from Central Asia to get inspired to pray passionately for your friends and family…

“While serving in the army, I was in a car accident. Many doctors, healers, and diviners could not cure me, and they left me with no hope for healing. I was diagnosed with cancer and was paralyzed. I became disabled, bedridden, and had lost any hope in my life. My eyesight diminished, I could hardly breathe… and my body was white as snow. I could not sleep day or night.

“Some of my relatives were taking turns caring for me. Thoughts of suicide came to my mind in those days, three times I wanted to do it, but some indescribable force stopped me every time.

“One day, the mother of one of my classmates came to visit me. Upon seeing me, she was very sorry. With tears in her eyes she told me, ‘Akmal, you have to see my brother Paul. He believes in God. He can pray, and I believe he can heal you.’

I had never heard such words. And then, at the end of his visit, Paul put his hands on my head and prayed for me.

“Brother Paul lived on the next street. He really believed in God. He came to my house and said, “Peace to your home!” Then he shared words with me which were very new for me to understand. I had never heard such words. And then, at the end of his visit, Paul put his hands on my head and prayed for me.

“After his visit I was able to sleep through the night for the first time in ages. After some time, I called Paul again and told him that I wanted to accept his God. He told me about Jesus.

“I prayed and accepted Him into my heart. Everyone in my house was expecting me to die soon because there was no hope. I was tormented by a very severe pain, and no medication helped. One day, with much pain, I said to the Lord with tears: ‘If you really exist, then show me a sign.’ That evening my older brother was on duty to sleep near my bed. In the night we discovered a very bright light on the wall and we could not understand who would ignite a spotlight, especially during the night. I realized that it was God. The light did not go away, day or night. My brother was scared and went to another room; I slept with the light for three days. It was a sign for me. After this, my pain disappeared completely and my cancer was gone. There were no more tumors on my back! God gave me endless joy. Although I still cannot walk, I have endless joy in my heart. This joy I feel in my life through many circumstances.

“One day I had a girl on the phone. She would always share with me her difficulties. I told her about what had happened in my life and about God. One day she said: ‘I see that you are healed, but I’m surprised you still cannot walk and are confined to bed. How can you be so happy and open with people in this state?’ I said that this joy couldn’t be provided by anyone except God.

“I used to be ashamed of my situation, but the Holy Spirit revealed to me that He lives in me, and I am no longer ashamed. Let all people see the changes in my life. Dear brothers and sisters, may God bless you all! May He fill you with joy, love, and the Holy Spirit!”


Pray now…

  • Thank God for Akmal and his amazing testimony
  • Ask that God would strengthen Akmal and bring him to full healing
  • Pray that many would hear Akmal’s story and come to know Jesus because of his joy and healing
  • Pray for many believers like Brother Paul. Ask that they would continue to see God do amazing things when they step out in faith!

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