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Central Asia: Christians arrested

April 11, 2016

We have received this message from a partner in Central Asia:

“I’m sending this message to you to pray for some of my friends here. Seven people from a town (which is very close to where we live) have been taken to the police office. And their houses had been searched for books and other religious materials by police and secret police. Five of them are pastors and church leaders, two of them are women. The police went to their houses at the same day and same time (at 6.30 am). They took away their books, personal notes, laptops, computers, tablets and a hard drive from one pastor’s house.

“They all have been questioned about their faith and the activities they are involved in. In the evening I had a chance to meet with one man of the group and he explained to me how it went.

“Please do pray for peace in their hearts and in their families. This is a very very distressing event for a believer and his/her family members. Also this is very bad for them because they are in the spotlight of the community now.

“Besides this, they trust very much in the Lord and they are very happy that they had an opportunity to share their testimonies even with the police.”

These believers are no longer in prison, but do face a court case. Please pray that the group will not be sentenced.

Please pray…

  • For peace and comfort for these seven believers
  • That this group will not be found guilty of any charges and will not be sentenced
  • For protection and strength for all believers in this region
  • That the police men and women who heard the testimonies of these believers would be touched by what they heard and come to know the Lord.

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.