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Central Asia: “God is not retiring and neither am I”

March 9, 2020

Anastasia* is a courageous house church leader from Central Asia – for her safety, we can’t specify which country. She has led many to Jesus, but has also faced monitoring by the police and has received death threats against because of her faith and ministry.

Last year, Anastasia starting holding retreats for women and their children in the mountains. She says, “During the retreat we have a 360-degree watch near the property – my husband is our guard! We have Bible studies and share a lot together. We also teach the women how to serve their non-believing relatives, when families have problems with abuse, alcohol and drug addiction. This retreat is the only place that they can rest.”

After years of being monitored and watched by the police, the secret service recently told Anastasia that they don’t see her as a threat any more, as she is retired. But she says, “The secret service may say that I’m too old. They see me as a retired old woman. But God is not retiring and neither am I. There’s so much to do in God’s Kingdom.”

What an amazing lady!

Pray now…

  • For Anastasia and her husband as they organise and run these retreats.
  • That families and women will be restored through these times.
  • That the secret police will not find out about what they are doing.
  • For the several house churches led by Anastasia that gather illegally every week. Pray that they will not be discovered.
  • Thank God for the growing house church movement in Central Asia.

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