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Central Asia: “If I leave, who will tell them about Isa?”

June 15, 2020

Khan is a Christian who lives in Central Asia. He was brought up as a Muslim, but decided to follow Jesus after his Christian wife, Aselya, committed to praying for him.

To cement his decision to follow Jesus, Khan chose to get baptised, knowing that in doing so, he would be completely turning his back on Islam – a choice which he knew would bring opposition: “My biggest desire was to be more like Isa (Jesus) who was baptised before he started His ministry.”

As he started speaking about his faith, his family became angry. His brothers attacked him, his house and his farm – killing all of his live stock and burning down his barn.

As a result of the attack, Khan was in hospital for a week because of his injuries. The police came to ask questions about what happened and if he wanted to press charges, but Khan refused. He later said: “Being in hospital for all those days, I prayed a lot and decided that I had to forgive them as Isa Massih (Jesus Christ) forgave my sins.”

Your prayers and support enabled Open Doors to support Khan’s family for a month when Khan couldn’t work. A lot of people from local churches also prayed for the family and wanted to support them. Some people gave money, others gave sheep, chickens, or ducks. Finally, by the time the family returned home, they had received more than they lost – it was an answer to the prayers of many people.

The more brutally they beat me, the more I saw their need

Around two months after the attack, Khan and his family returned to their house. His Muslim relatives and community were so angry. His brothers said, “We’re so ashamed of your faith. Your behaviour shames us in front of the community. It seems like you won’t stop until death. We will stop you anyway!” Khan’s brothers gave him several days to leave their town.

But Khan was determined to stay. “If I leave, who will tell them about Isa? How they can learn about Him if not through me? The more brutally they beat me, the more I saw their need in loving Isa Massih.”

During the covid-19 pandemic, Khan and his family have been under lockdown in their small town. Khan and Aselya can’t go on missionary trips, to serve, to meet in home groups or visit other Christians. The danger from their Muslim relatives and community is still there, but they are optimistic, convinced in their desire to serve and have many plans. Please continue to pray for their protection. Khan says, “I am sure God is protecting me.”

Pray now…

  • Thank God for Khan and Aselya and that they are committed to showing others what Jesus is like. Pray for provision, protection and for them to grow in their faith and love of Jesus.
  • Pray for Khan’s family. Ask that they would come to know Jesus and stop their aggression towards Khan
  • Pray for the small churches in the region that are facing threats and intimidation. Ask for boldness and passion in sharing Jesus.

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