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China: Church raided three times in a month

September 3, 2018

Churches in China are facing increasing pressure after new government regulations were bought in earlier this year.

The Bible Reformed Church in Guangzhou (which has refused to officially register with the government) was raided three times in one month.

“We had to stop our worship,” Pastor Huang Xiaoning reported. “Now, I have to go with them. People from the religious affairs bureau found me to question me.”

According to a local source, the authorities are ‘trying to stir up the larger more influential churches to see what reaction they will get from the people’.

As a result, churches are becoming ‘more careful of who they let in’ to their buildings. “Newcomers are questioned by the pastor,” said a source. “Churches that hold meetings in commercial buildings are targeted. The authorities close church venues and more landlords refuse to continue rental contracts with churches. These local churches are forced to return to house meetings.”

Pray now…

  • For wisdom for church leaders in the way they respond to this pressure
  • That the government of China will allow more freedom for the church.

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