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Egypt: Support for Christian children

February 26, 2018

Christian children in Egypt face many obstacles. At school, especially in villages and rural areas, they can be bullied and ostracised – usually ignored by the teacher and even sent to sit at the back of the class. Through your support, local Open Doors partners provide classes called ‘Take My Hand’ which offer children help in literacy and numeracy, as well as helping them in following the faith.

Muhriya is one of the children in the classes. She says, ‘When I was in the third class I made a lot of mistakes at dictation and I couldn’t read or write properly. But now I can! And I can read English. The ‘Take My Hand’ teacher really taught me a lot of things.”

Watch this inspirational video to see Muhriya and other children talk about the difference ‘Take My Hand’ has made to their lives!

Christian girls are being targeted…

In Egypt, where persecution against Christians is increasing, Christian girls are also being targeted by Islamic extremists. They are regularly being groomed and lured into forced marriages by people who they thought were their friends. Many girls are at risk.

Education makes a massive difference not only in increasing their life-choices, but in helping girls to be aware of the dangers surrounding them. Melissa,* a church worker who is supported by an Open Doors partner, has been working with Christian girls for several years now. She says,. “We talk about kidnappings openly. We have to. Social awareness about this issue is very important. I teach the girls about boundaries in relationships, especially with Muslim men. And I teach them about their value in Christ and help them to be in relationship with Him. If they have better self-esteem they will be less vulnerable.”

Pray now…

  • Pray for young children like Muhriya who need extra help with reading and writing
  • Pray for young Christian girls being targeted by Islamic extremist groups. Pray for wisdom, safety and protection in their relationships.
  • Pray for the ‘Take My Hand’ teachers and youth workers like Melissa, helping young Egyptian Christians have a brighter future.

Give if you can…

Open Doors have launched a specific appeal to help raise money for work amongst vulnerable girls and women in Egypt. Find out more and give here… If you don’t have much spare cash, how about raising money? Download our free ‘Walk Bake, Ride, Run… With Them’ fundraising pack to get a bunch of ideas and resources to help!

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