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Five quotes from the worst places to be a Christian

The World Watch List outlines the most dangerous countries to follow Jesus. So what is life like for Christians living in the top five, hardest places on the planet to be a believer?

North Korea

One believer was arrested when the police found a Bible in his home. He was badly beaten and imprisoned. A Christian friend of his said, “I’ve known this man for a long time. When he came to faith, he made a decision that one day he would die for Christ. Every Christian in North Korea has made that choice. My friend knew that one day he could get caught and on that day he had to be loyal to Jesus. I am convinced he can take the suffering because he constantly reminds himself of the joy that is set before him.”

2. Afghanistan

“We are not afraid but strong and hopeful. We know He will come again. That is why there is so much pain and suffering. That is why there is persecution. He is coming back and those who do not know Him need Him in their lives. For now, we, His followers, need to live with thankful, prayerful hearts.”
Afghan Christian

3. Somalia

“I had been a conservative Muslim and I even used to preach at you, attempting to bring you back to Islam, but now I am a believer and that is because of your radio program. I am no longer a Muslim because I received and accepted the Gospel after I heard it from you… I chose Christianity because it is the only religion that can provide ultimate salvation.”
Somali Christian

4. Sudan

“I am an evangelist in my church. I was so privileged to take part in this Bible school training. I have been trained to have a strong relationship with God, and that has changed my life. I want to say thank you to all who supported the Bible school. Please pray for Muslims in our area to come to Christ.”

5. Pakistan

“We [celebrate Easter] knowing that at any time a suicide bomber can come and disrupt our service, our worship, our praying. Then I think: Will it really be disrupted or will I be sent into the fullness of worship?”
Former Muslim, Mother of two

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