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I have not been forsaken

November 16, 2015

Elias Lunyamila Meshack, a 35-year-old youth leader from Tanzania, was killed by suspected Islamic extremists in October 2013, leaving behind his wife Mary, daughter Prisca and son Prosper. The last time we met Mary, she was still in shock over the death of her husband. “I don’t know what to do, where to start,” she told us.

On a recent visit, she looked much stronger. She said: “I see God caring for us day by day. My children and I have not been forsaken.”

We asked supporters to pray for Mary and her children, and to write to them to let them know they are not forgotten by their church family around the world. Recently we were able to deliver 4,000 cards and letters to Mary and her children! When we showed them to her, she was amazed.

“I will take time and look through each one,” Mary says after reading some of the letters. “Then, whenever I feel down, I will use them to remember how much God loves me. Because that is what these letters are: proof of his love.”

“I will use them to remember how much God loves me. Because that is what these letters are: proof of his love.”

“May God bless each one who prayed for us! And for everyone who sent a letter or card, I want you to know that I esteem your gesture. I respect it and truly appreciate the message of love, concern and unity. You have proved to me that you felt my pain. Your letters also prove that I am loved and cared for, that I have been prayed for by brethren across the globe… That is an indescribable feeling!”

When asked how we can pray for her family, Mary asks us to pray for her children. “My prayer is that my children grow up grounded in the Christian faith. I also pray that they receive a good education and do well in school. May God continue to protect them as the Father to the fatherless.”

Pray now…

  • Pray that Mary and her children would continue to deal with their grief and pain
  • Pray Mary’s children would grow up knowing Jesus and with a sound education
  • Pray that God would continue to provide for and heal the family

Write your now letter!

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