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India: ‘God sent His people with groceries’

April 27, 2020

It’s been a tough few weeks for many of us in the UK, but at least there is some big support in place from the government. In India, things are very different. Many of our persecuted family in the country come from very poor backgrounds – they work as day labourers, getting money after each period of work. During lock down, they can’t work, which means money is running out fast. for some the situation is really bad.

But, your gifts and prayers are literally saving the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable believers!

Tara and her husband serve a small church whose members are poor. Their household income comes from church offerings, which dried up – they had no money for food for their family. It was desperate. But your support has helped them to get food and other essentials:

“They were really overwhelmed when we were able to reach them with groceries,” says an Open Doors partner in the region. “There was enough to sustain them for one month!”

Tara and her husband became Christians a few years ago, after hearing the testimony of her uncle – her husband left his job in real estate to become a full-time pastor. Your support has been an enormous answer to prayer for them both, and their eight-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter. Thank you.

It’s amazing that we can help – in some areas people are now totally dependant on food from the government or charities. In the poorest communities, social distancing is almost impossible, and the situation for many Christians is tough too – in some areas Christians are being denied access to clean drinking water from pumps and rivers.

But thanks to your support, vital aid is getting where it is needed most:

“We had very little food and were very worried about what would happen,” says Sujata in West India, a single mother whose husband left when she became a Christian a few years ago. Her daily work on a construction site ended and she had no wages. “We didn’t lose hope but we prayed to God. In answer to our prayer God sent His people with groceries! We are so thankful to the team for helping us in this time of extreme need.”

What you can do!

We know times are hard, but we want to continue to stand with our church family in these distressing times. Here’s three things you can do to help now:

1. Give now. If you’re able, you can make a gift to our emergency coronavirus appeal. Do that here now…
2. Fundraise. Take part in the 2.6 challenge. Think of an activity based around the numbers 26 or 2.6, set up a just giving page and start raising money. What could you do? 260 press ups? 26 minutes of yodelling? 26 hours in fancy dress? Set up your page here…
3. Pray. Thanks God that people are getting the help they need. But pray for more provision. Many more are in dire need. Pray that food and supplies would get to the people who need it most.

Isolated church: Grow with God during the lockdown…

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