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India: “Jesus is the true God”

July 29, 2019

Tara is a 14-year-old girl from North India. She became a Christian and has since been excluded by her friends and even her family. To leave Hinduism for another religion is seen as deeply shameful in India, and increasingly it is seen that being Indian means being Hindu. There is less and less social and political space for Christians to live out their faith without threats or abuse. Tara’s story is not unusual.

“I live in the same house [as my family], there are 15 rooms in the house since it is a joint family. Because I choose to believe in Jesus I am given a small separate room in the house. Nobody comes into my room and nobody even touches me or looks at me. I cook separately, and nobody eats the food I cook or drinks the water I have touched. I am in 10th standard and nobody in the house helps to provide me the school fees. I do manual labor work in my holidays to earn my school fees and purchase food.”

Despite all this pressure, Tara has committed to stick with Jesus. “I know that Jesus is the true God, I can never substitute him for anything, nothing can compare to the peace I have received in Him.”

We’d love you to pray for Tara and her family. Try praying this:

Father God. Thank you for Tara and her commitment to you. I pray you’d give her strength, hope and passion. Bring her close to a supportive and loving Christian community. Help her do well at school and know You as her true, caring, heavenly Father. I pray for her family, that they would be changed and inspired by her love for You. I pray they would come to know You and that they would show love and support for Tara too. Amen.

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