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India: ‘You are a Christian. Get out of here…’

September 14, 2020

Since the start of the global coronavirus pandemic, the generosity of Open Doors supporters has enabled our partners to distribute emergency aid to 163,000 persecuted Christians in more than 10 countries across Asia. That is over 33,000 families.

In India alone, 14,750 Christians been given vital aid. For one poor and vulnerable Christian and his family that has been absolutely essential.

In their area, all the shops were closed except for one, where government food had arrived for people without work. This man and his family hadn’t eaten for two days, so he queued to get the government supplied aid.

Nobody spoke to him – no one ever did – but that was okay because in a few hours he’d have a bagful of supplies. “I couldn’t stop thinking about the smile on the faces of my wife and children,” he says.

Finally, it was his turn. He took out the ration card and gave it to the shop owner behind the counter.

“Why are you here?” the owner said, ignoring the card.

“What do you mean, sir? I’m here to collect food. Look, I have government permission. I qualify.”

“No, you don’t. You are a Christian. Get out of here.”

“I am a Christian, but I have a ration card.”

“Get lost. Or I’ll call the police. Do you want to spend a night in jail, too? Go!”

The rejected man put the ration card back in his pocket and left the store, ignoring everyone who stared at him. “I didn’t go home, but walked to the river instead,” he explains. “My mind was racing. I prayed. I thought about a thousand ways to get food and about a million ways to tell my family that I wasn’t sure if we’d ever eat again. I wondered if I should jump from the bridge.”

Your support helps…

Brother John*, the Open Doors director for Asia explains that “the Covid-19 crisis and the ensuing lockdowns have led to harrowing situations. My teams and our local partners have received an incredible number of text messages and phone calls.”

And thanks to your generosity and the work of Brother John and Open Doors partners, people like the man in this story have been helped – he came home one evening to find bags filled with rice, cooking oil, vegetables and much more. The smiles on the faces of his wife and children had never been so bright.

Pray now…

  • Thank God for the huge amount of people helped across Asia
  • For wisdom, protection and strength for Open Doors partners in their role distributing aid to Christians
  • That God will raise up individuals in local governments who will boldly plead the cause of Christians often last in line for aid.

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