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Indonesia: Making masks

April 20, 2020

We’re all trying to work out what we can do to help fight the coronavirus. For many of us, that will mean staying home and helping to stop the spread of the virus. But we can do other stuff too. We can still use the skills and talents God has given us during this time – just check out this story from Naomi*, a Christian from a Muslim background in Indonesia.

In Indonesia, converting from Islam to Christianity often means believers are rejected by their communities and families. Naomi and her husband lead a church, and get money from the congregation’s offerings – but the current crisis makes it difficult for most church members to feed themselves, let alone give offerings.

A few years ago Naomi attended the Open Doors’ Women Training Centre to learn tailoring, knitting and making women’s accessories in 2018, and Open Doors later provided her with sewing machines for her own business and to teach others. But her income can’t be relied on now:

“I have sewed clothes, made earrings, bags and other women’s accessories to sell but people no longer buy them as they have to cut budget on such things. We can’t count on it anymore”.

But, after the coronavirus outbreak, Naomi realised she could use her skills to produce homemade masks.

“I originally made the masks for my family, but also neighbours and church members, free of charge.”

But one day, a shop owner requested her to produce it in large quantities. She now supplies them to the shop regularly.

“The income from the masks selling helps us a lot, amidst the current economic situation. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to learn the skills in Women Training Centre because it became a blessing to our community now. Thank you, Open Doors!”

Naomi has a message of hope to share with all of us: “Please don’t lose hope despite the current situation. Although you must stay at home, when you are given a talent and skill, do make something out of it to be a blessing to your surroundings. This mask is my contribution to my family and community.”

Pray now…

Thank You, Father, that You gave Naomi the opportunity to be light in the darkness. We pray that You would strengthen and encourage Christians around the world to be the voice of hope to their communities, and we pray for Your protection against illness, persecution and alienation.

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