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International Women’s Day: Tara’s story

March 8, 2021

On International Women’s Day, we honour and stand with our sisters in Christ all over the world who face persecution, not only for their faith, but also their gender -girls like Tara.

Tara is 16 and lives in India. She grew up in a Hindu family and became a Christian while she was healed from an illness after a friend prayed for her. She says: “I found a peace that I had never known; everything in my life started making sense.”

But her parents were furious. They told Tara she’d brought shame on them. “I still live in my home with my parents and the rest of my siblings, but I am totally boycotted. There are 15 rooms, but I am confined to a small room in the house. I have been warned not to talk to the rest of the people in the house.”

Tara had to work to earn money to survive, even though her family is quite well-off. They wouldn’t share food, or even let her use the kitchen. Her education started to suffer, until Open Doors partners were able to help pay for her schooling and accommodation in a hostel. Tara still hopes that her family will turn to Jesus.

The persecution of Christian women is often hidden. There will be many more women and girls like Tara, whose stories go unheard and unknown. On International Women’s Day, help us See.Change for them… Do the following:

1. Pray this: Father God, please protect Tara and the thousands of persecuted Christian women and girls like her. Their experiences are currently hidden from the world, but thank You that it has never been hidden from You. Please speak words of comfort to these women and girls, show them their true identity in You, and rescue them from terrible situations. Amen.

2. Sign a letter to your MP asking them to act on behalf of persecuted Christian women and girls. Follow the link to a simple form that will find your MP and contact them for you…

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.