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Iran: 21 year old Mary kicked out of uni…

Fatemeh Mohammadi (who likes to be called Mary) is 21 and lives in Iran. She converted to Christianity as a teenager and knows all about the cost of choosing Jesus in her home country – she’ already spent six months in prison for her membership of a Tehran “house-church”. When she went to prison, she was just 19.

Mary recently faced new charges related to her “improper” wearing of hijab. The charges, which were eventually quashed, were brought against her after she initially went to police to complain of an assault.

Image: Mary holding up a sign, protesting against treatment of Christians in Iran. Photo used with permission from Article 18.

Kicked out of university
Just before Christmas, Mary was expecting to take her English-language exams at Azad University. According to a source close to Mary, at the start of term she had problems obtaining a student card, which made her “virtually ineligible” to sit classes. It appears the university decided to enforce that just before her exams.

Mary is active on social media and just a day before being kicked out of university tweeted about the cases of ten fellow Christian converts currently in prison in Iran as a result of their peaceful religious activities.

She’s also been involved in a campaign to raise awareness of the Iranian governments treatment of Christians, especially those who convert. Her activities have obviously bought her to the attention of the police and others, who are keen to silence her.

Pray now…

Please pray for Mary today. Her immense bravery and courage to stick with Jesus in the face of intimidation, arrest and exclusion is incredible. Try praying this:

Father God, thank You for Mary. Protect her, guide her and bring her comfort. Let her words and actions impact many. Use her to bring freedom and hope to Christians and other minorities in Iran. Help her to stay brave. Help her to share your love and grace. And show your truth to those opposed to her. I pray she’ll be able to finish her studies and see a new, tolerant Iran emerge. Amen.

Source: Article 18

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.