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Iran: Incredible testimonies!

November 11, 2019

Iran is not an easy place to be a Christian. Christian materials in Farsi (the main language) are illegal and church leaders regularly face pressure, intimidation and arrest. But despite this, many Iranians are coming to know Christ and finding their way to a house church. This is a risky choice and one that might get you arrested. So, what is it like to be a Christian in Iran? Darya is a single mum and also house church leader – here she shares a bit about what’s happening in the underground church…

“Despite all the difficulties and challenges, God is always with us… Every week new believers join us. Even though we experience a lot of difficulties and pressures, we get motivated every day because we see teenagers, young adults and elderly people coming to know Christ. It’s amazing to see how they love the Lord from their hearts and how enthusiastic and thirsty they are for the Lord. You really should be here to see how ready people’s hearts are, and how much need there is.

“A few days ago, I was with one of the believers was unwell. As we started talking, their daughter-in-law came to visit. She wasn’t a believer. Not yet. When I looked at her, I thought: “Today it’s her turn.” She was painting as I talked to her, as this is what she liked to do. Then she told me that she wanted to paint the face of Christ. She gave her heart to Jesus.

“Praise the name of the Lord, how He Himself prepares the hearts of people!

“If I would write them down, it would take hours…”

“As I wanted to leave, another guest came in and again I started to talk. When I was finished talking, this person said he is a descendant of prophet Mohammad. But shared that he had started to believe in Jesus. Another man was there, he was also sick. At that time, all of the people in the house were in tears already. He also accepted the Lord as his Saviour.

“Dear beloveds, there are so many of these testimonies that if I would write them down, it would take hours. I’m just thankful to God for the salvation of the people of my country who are so in need of the redemption of Jesus Christ.

“The hearts here are so ready that when we evangelize many people give their life to Christ. For example, when believers are in a taxi, on a bus or other public place, they talk about Jesus Christ – many people beg with tears to hear more. Unfortunately, there’s much to harvest but the workers are few. I’m sure if we had more people for ministry, truly most of our society would believe!

“Praise the Lord for His great works. He is full of love and that is seen every moment in our lives.

Incredible, right? God is doing some incredible things inside Iran.

Pray this now…

Father God, thank You for Darya and many underground house church leaders like her. Continue to give her wisdom and insight to share Your love and the truth of Jesus to those she meets. Protect her and her church – help them grow in faith and love and keep serving You. Raise up many more to help share Your love inside Iran. I pray many more would come to know you – Holy Spirit, work in people’s hearts and prepare them for conversations and meetings with Christians! Be with those who convert to follow You – give them strength and courage. Help them know your grace and keep them from harm – use them to show their friends and families how much You love them. Help me too – help me be braver in my faith, to share about and live wholeheartedly for You. Thank You God. Amen.

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*Darya is still living inside Iran. For security reasons we can’t use her real name.

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