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Iraq: Amazing news!

June 12, 2017

Absolutely amazing news! Almost three years after being snatched from her mother by so-called Islamic State (IS) militants, Christine, who was 3 when she was abducted, has been reunited with her family!

Open Doors contacts are saying she was released by the Iraqi Special Forces. She was reunited with her parents at around 10am on the 9th June.

A Christian woman who is also living in Ashti camp in Erbil, where Christine’s family have been living, says, “I just came back from welcoming her back to the caravan of her parents. It is was a very happy moment, everybody is dancing and clapping and singing.”

When asked about the little girl, she says, “Although everybody was very happy of course, it was also sad to see that Christine herself is in shock about all the people around her. Everybody is asking questions and speaking to her, but she does not say anything back really. She also seems to be overwhelmed by the huge crowd of people welcoming her.

“She looks okay, and looks quite healthy. I believe she must have been in the house of a family who took good care. She even was wearing gold rings in her ear, so it must have been a wealthy family.”

Christina’s parents in 2015, a year after their daughter was taken…

Christine was taken from her family as they were forced out of their home in Qaraqosh by IS. Open Doors partners have been supporting her family with food and hygiene kits, thanks to your support.

Christine will turn 6 on 18 July.

Three ways you can help

1. Pray. Use the points below, and order our free prayer resources…
2. Give. Give online now to help families like Christine’s in Iraq rebuild their lives. You can also order our free ‘Walk, bake, ride, run… With Them’ fundraising pack to help you raise money too!
3. Speak up. Sign the One Million Voices of Hope petition and call for a future of safety and dignity for Christians in the Middle East.

Pray now…

  • Praise God that Christine has been reunited with her family!
  • For healing for Christine, as she begins to recover from her time in captivity
  • That many more families in the Middle East would be reunited
  • For provision and wisdom for Open Doors partners as they work to support families like Christine’s.

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