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Iraq: Life from ashes

April 1, 2018

“As Christ rose from the death, also this congregation is rising from the ashes.”

That’s the message from Father George Jahola, as the Christians rebuild their lives in Qaraqosh.

“This Easter to the faithful in Qaraqosh is very important,” he says. “It is the first Easter after returning to this town. It’s very significant that we celebrate this Easter here, because it is a big challenge and a big message to the world.

“One year ago the city was empty. But now, many people have come back. They fill the church and rebuild their houses.

“The Lord gives us the power to stay in this town – to rebuild and to continue living here.”

Thanks to the support of their brothers and sisters around the world, Christians have returned to Qaraqosh – and to other towns and villages in Iraq. And these houses are a powerful symbol of new life.

“Up until now we have repaired 1500 houses, helped by many organisations like yours,” says Father George. “Rebuilding houses through the church encourages the people to stay here in this land and to witness their faith in this land and give hope to other people who left Iraq to come back.”

The strength, endurance and faithfulness of Christians in Qaraqosh is a challenge to us all. As Father George says:

“I hope that Christians returning to this land will be inspiration for the Christians around the world to be not shy for their faith, and to be Christians, in their land.”

This Easter, let us proclaim that death and hatred will not have the victory, and that Christ is risen.

Hope for the Middle East

Thank you! You enabled the voice of suffering Christians in Syria and Iraq to be heard in the White House, the United Nations, the European Union and parliaments around the globe, including our own.

This incredible global response continues to ensure Christians and other minorities have a future – both on the ground in Syria and Iraq and globally advocating on behalf our persecuted family.

Families are rebuilding homes and lives in Iraq – developing sustainable livelihoods. The celebration of Easter in Qaraqosh was a milestone in the recovery of this community and a sign of hope for the region that Christ’s resurrection brings the greatest hope in the darkest times.

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.