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It’s time to say thank you!

Christians across the the UK and Ireland have been taking action this year to support our persecuted family and wake up to the reality of extreme persecution. 

As the youth and student bit of Open Doors we’ve been following the campaign and given it a bit of a different twist. Here’s some of our key highlights!

  • Our It’s Time suite of resources around the World Cup were used to draw attention to countries playing in the tournament that feature on the World Watch List
  • The ‘It’s Time to Wake Up’ guide and series of early morning emails saw around 1,000 of you commit to pray and act for secret Christians in North Korea
  • The summer #weareN campaign for Christians fleeing IS in Iraq and Syria has raised around £5,000 from t-shirt sales
  • Back in March, Blackout our social media fast, raised well over £20,000 for those at risk for following Jesus

The figures are still coming in, but it looks like you’ve helped us as a student and youth team raise more money, prayer and action for persecuted Christians than ever before, so thank you!

And to put it all in context, we’re part of the the wider Open Doors family, and this is what they’ve been up to (some of which you might also have done)!

  • Over £8 million raised to support persecuted Christians
  • The campaign has received over 35,000 shares on Facebook
  • 19,088 took up the challenge to Live Like a North Korean
  • 11,398 sent letters and emails to MPs and embassies on behalf of the persecuted church
  • Over 6,500 letters of encouragement were sent to persecuted Christians
  • Over 6,000 people ordered our Kids resource, Switch Swatch Pray
  • 1,849 messages of support were sent to the families of the abducted Chibok girls
  • 180 Great Big Tea Parties were held, raising over £40,000

That’s all pretty incredible, so we’re really chuffed – thanks so much for all the support, prayers and actions.

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