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Kazakhstan: Young killer finds Jesus

May 16, 2016

Munira*, a teenage girl who was imprisoned for murder, is just one of many orphans in prison who has been impacted by the work of Open Doors partners in Kazakhstan. Asel*, a Christian, has dedicated the past eight years to helping them. “After years spent in orphanages, these children usually enter a life of crime,” she says. “Many end up in prison. After prison, they often return to the criminal life. This is a vicious cycle.”

Recently, Asel’s ministry began to show encouraging results. She received outstanding reviews of her activities from the Director of the Youth Crime Department of the Republic of Kazakhstan. “The lives of teenagers are changing as a result of their communication with you and your sacrificial ministry to them,” the director told Asel.

“We are so grateful that Open Doors provides us with such amazing tools,” shared Asel enthusiastically. “Munira, a teenage girl who was imprisoned for murder, asked me to provide her with a couple Christian books. I gave her Time to Love, Time to Forgive by Pastor Aleksander Lauga from Russia. I also gave her Life Story Written by God and Love Story Written by God by Eric and Leslie Ludy. She took all three! I did not expect her to read them but she did.

“After three weeks Munira came to me in tears,” continued Asel. “She gave me a hug and whispered, ‘I used to live in hatred. I was angry at my parents who abandoned me when I was a baby. I was angry at the workers in the orphanage, angry at my classmates, and angry at the world. I was angry at God. After reading the books you gave me about God’s love for sinners and after witnessing your love for me, I began to realise why you are so nice: you have a loving God. I do not want to be the evil person I once was. I want to be a loving and forgiving person, just as Christ taught us to be.'”

Munira is due to remain in prison for two more years, during which time Asel will take her through the basic truths of Christianity.

*Names changed for security reasons

Pray now..

  • That Munira’s stay in prison will be productive as she grows in the knowledge and love of Christ
  • For God’s strength to Asel as she ministers to these prisoners
  • Thank God for Christians reaching out to the most vulnerable in Kazakhstan.

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