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Killed after 16 years of aid work

July 29, 2014

Two Finnish women who worked for a Christian aid charity have been killed by gunmen in Herat, Afghanistan. Both women had been working in Afghanistan for 16 years.

Two men, travelling by motorcycle, shot the two women while they were in a taxi. They died on their way to hospital.

Herat is the major city in north-west Afghanistan, and has escaped much of the violence of other regions in recent years. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack. A close Finnish friend who knew both women told World Watch Monitor that they were experienced aid workers who ‘wouldn’t have disobeyed directives or been in any way careless’ and saw no reason why they would have been a target.

“They were so full of love for Afghans: no job was too small for them to alleviate the suffering they saw all around them,” said another friend and former aid worker in Afghanistan.

The women worked for the International Assistance Mission (IAM), an organisation that has worked continuously in Afghanistan since 1966. They are well known in Afghanistan as an openly Christian aid organisation that works to provide healthcare and other development services.

The violence comes at a tense time in Afghanistan, as foreign troops prepare to leave the country by the end of the year, and votes are being rechecked in a fiercely disputed presidential election.

Where is Afghanistan?

Source: World Watch Monitor

Please pray

  • Ask God to comfort the families and friends of these two women.
  • Ask for protection for other aid workers who remain in Afghanistan and for God to bless their work.
  • Pray for peace as Afghanistan’s election results are finalised.

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