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Laos: Young Christians forced to meet in secret

September 14, 2020

This is a photo from of a secret church. It’s from northern Laos and shows a group of young people worshipping together in the middle of a forest.

Two months ago, these believers were threatened – other members of their village said they would kick them out of the community because of their faith. So they can no longer meet to pray inside their village. But instead of giving up, they are finding other ways to meet as secretly as possible.

One of our local partners, who is in contact with the group, says, “Please pray for them. Although they are safe for now, worshipping outdoors is still risky.”

Pray now…

  • Thank God for these amazing young believers! Ask that they would be able to continue to meet together and strengthen each other through God’s Word and prayer.
  • Ask that the Lord will continue to protect them and keep them safe.
  • For the people in their village. May the Lord transform their hearts and they too will accept Christ in their lives.

Get a glimpse of the secret church

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