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Laos: Pray for Mikon’s brave faith

November 29, 2021

Please join us in praying for Mikon (name changed for security reasons) a 19 year-old Christian from Vientiane, Laos. She’s had a really rough upbringing, growing up around abuse and drug addiction, so much so, that when she was younger she was diagnosed with HIV— a virus that attacks the body’s immune system.

Instead of bringing her back home, Mikon’s mother took her to a Christian shelter to for treatment. And this is where Mikon has been for the past ten years. In that time, as well as getting well, she learned about Jesus and chose to become a Christian.

But last August, Mikon decided to go back to her family. But when they heard of her Christian faith, she was told that if she wanted to stay with them, she would have to renounce her faith, quit school, and look for a job to support the entire family.

Image: A motorbike taxi in Laos – image is illustrative and does not show Mikon.

Mikon refused to deny her faith. Fortunately, another Christian heard about Mikon’s situation and offered to support her through her studies. However, the help didn’t last long – the effects of Covid-19 pandemic have meant many people’s finances have been severely affected.

As well as her passion to share God’s Word, Mikon is also really keen to finish her studies. “I really want to finish high school and become a doctor in the future. I want to help others like myself who are suffering because of HIV and share them the hope I have found in Jesus Christ. I am praying for financial support to cover for my expenses.”

In September this year, Mikon’s prayer was answered through an Open Doors local partner who has committed to help her financially until she completes high school. In November, Mikon also received relief packs distributed by Open Doors partners in Laos.

At the moment, Mikon is living with her mother and one of her half-brothers. She manages her health by receiving medication every month at the hospital.

Pray now…

  • That Mikon will be safe now she is back living with her family. May God shield her heart and guide her mind and may she hold on to God’s truth, knowing that He is for her. Pray God would help her heal from both HIV and a childhood of hurt and trauma.
  • That God will open the hearts of her mother and wider family, so they will also come to know Him.

Send hope this Christmas: Two ways to act now…

As we start looking forward to Christmas, could you send hope to young Christians facing persecution?

1. Write a message of hope to a few different young people and let them know that you’re praying for them.

2. Lose something from your Christmas list, and ask for a donation to Open Doors instead…




By Dan Etheridge / April 5, 2017

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Dan works part time with Open Doors, mainly sorting out the comms stuff for youth and students. In his other life he's a freelance writer and graphic designer who likes collecting records and sitting on beaches looking at waves.

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