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Letter from a Syrian pastor

March 21, 2016

“I have a huge hope. There is an amazing work happening in my country. The spirit is moving. Thank you.”

This quote is from a letter from a Syrian Pastor showing something of how God is working in Syria, despite the war and violence.

It comes from Pastor B*, who serves in eight communities around Tartous, Latakia, Aleppo (rural), Hama and Homs. Through his church, Open Doors is helping to support thousands of families.

What was planted, God waters

“We’ve seen how God can break the stone and reach all people. This would not have been possible without Open Doors help or if the church had left. We know one thing: we stayed and Open Doors and the Lebanese Society for Economic and Social Development [our partner organisation] put hands together, and what they planted, God waters.

“It is encouragement for us both. We can serve together people who are hurting and ignorant of God. If the church doesn’t do this, IS will turn them into killing machines. We are in a race, a battle. We need to be like the Good Samaritan – get off the donkey, put ourselves in danger and pay in advance… Jesus didn’t back out of the cross or faint at Judas’ betrayal. He kept his eye on His mission. I believe in my mission.

“I praise God for seeing results. Many people can talk about war and politics, but how many can share about salvation? We believe in a living God. That’s why I want to share with you. We need you.

“Our whole nation is dominated by IS and wrong ideologies. We need to love them. We don’t want war. We want to change them; to hold on fast and continue to do good, standing alongside the poor, the widows, the orphans and school-less. We will be stronger than Satan. We have a long-term strategy. We’ve seen victories. I want to leave in your hearts this passion: don’t at one moment think the church in Syria or Iraq can achieve all this. Nor in Lebanon. Nor in Jordan. We need the whole church. In Revelation it shows Christ’s triumph over Satan. That’s our prayer.

“I have a huge hope. There is an amazing work happening in my country. The spirit is moving. Thank you.”
Pastor B.

* Name hidden for security reasons

Open Doors

Pray now…

  • For Pastor B and his family, for their safety and security.
  • For the thousands of families his church is helping: that their needs might be met.
  • For church leaders in Syria, that they may see lives changed and people coming to Jesus.

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