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Malaysia: Pray for Pastor Koh

September 2, 2019

Pastor Koh from Malaysia has been missing since 13 February 2017. He was forced out of his car after it was surrounded by three vehicles. He was pushed into another car and taken away. Footage caught on CCTV cameras shows that at least 15 masked men wearing black took part in the operation.

A report carried out by the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia, concluded that his disappearance involved members of the police’s Special Branch.

The abduction is not unique. Other religious leaders have also gone missing.

His wife, Susannah, recently met with Open Doors to ask us to continue speaking “speaking out for the truth and for justice to be done.” Although the Home Minister of Malaysia has ordered an enquiry into the abduction, members of the team heading that up investigation are involved with the police, and it seems the process is being held up by legal issues.

Speaking about her husband, Raymond, she says:
“I have hope that he is still alive… Even if he’s not alive, I believe that he’s where God is – and he will always be my hero”.

The Koh family want justice. And they want closure. Please pray for them.

Pray now…

  • That God will be close to Pastor Raymond, and that he will be found alive and returned to his family.
  • That the government would listen to the concerns of Susannah and her family and investigate the issue speedily and fairly.
  • For strength and protection for Susannah and the family, and for other Christians under threat in Malaysia.

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