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Malaysia: Speak up for missing pastor

June 11, 2018

Pastor Raymond Koh has been missing for 16 months. He was kidnapped in Malaysia on 13 February 2017. His abduction, which was caught on CCTV, was conducted with military precision and implies a coordinated attack by trained individuals. At least 10 men in black SUVs blocked a major road during broad daylight and abducted him. He has not been seen since.

In the last month, three things have changed, giving Koh’s family new hope. His wife, Susanna Liew, says she is optimistic that he ‘will be released soon’.

1. A new government: A new government has defeated the coalition that ruled Malaysia for six decades. Initial signs indicate this government aims to uproot some of the corruption of the previous government and it may be more amenable to minority faiths.

2. New evidence: On 17 May 2018, a police whistleblower came forward implicating the Bukit Aman, a special branch of the police force, in the abductions of Raymond Koh. The whistleblower claimed that the abductions were done with the full knowledge and approval of the then Inspector General of Police, Khalid Abu Bakar. The informant made it clear that Raymond Koh was targeted for having a minority faith. However, it has been reported that since coming forward the whistleblower has backtracked on some of his statement. Many are worried that this is out of fear of a backlash from the perpetrators.

3. Investigation reopened: The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia has reopened their inquiry into Pastor Koh’s abduction, which had been halted after police arrested an alleged suspect in February. The suspect had been previously cleared of any wrongdoing. His re-arrest appeared to many to serve the sole purpose of halting the ongoing investigation.

Not just Raymond

Three others were abducted around the time of Raymond Koh. Christian husband and wife, Joshua Hilmy and Ruth Sitepu, were last seen in November 2016, while Shia Muslim activist, Amri Che Mat, was abducted in a highly professional operation very similar to that of Raymond Koh. The inquiry will investigate all four disappearances.

Speak out for Pastor Koh

Speak out for Pastor Koh by signing a letter addressed to the Malaysian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and the Malaysian Minister for Home Affairs, which urges them to expose the truth about the abductions and secure the release of all four missing persons.

Pray now…

  • For all those involved in the reopened inquiry, that it would bring Raymond Koh’s swift release and that justice would be done
  • For the families of those who are missing, that they would be strengthened and refreshed by God
  • For the safety and protection of Pastor Koh, Amri Che Mat, Pastor Hilmy and Ruth Sitepu, and the whistleblower, that there would be no backlash from perpetrators in the light of this development

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