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Middle East: Finding God through FB!

September 19, 2016

God is working miracles through social media in the Middle East. Check out Ajib’s story below to see how social networking is changing lives!

Ajib grew up in a Muslim family. Ajib is not his real name and to protect his identity we cannot mention the country he lives in. But we can easily share that he is a huge fan of Facebook. For almost a year now—after being inspired by a Facebook post about the Christian faith he has been communicating through Facebook with a Christian follow-up worker.

“When the online conversation started, he had doubts about the Bible and the Koran. He thought that these books were full of contradictions, but through our discussions he became convinced that the Bible is the Word of God,” the follow-up worker shared. “He began to read it regularly with a positive attitude.”

After half a year of interacting with the team of online pastors, Ajib had a remarkable dream. “He dreamt that he was present in a church with beautiful scenery and he was full of joy. After this dream he asked us to connect him to a church that could help him in his spiritual growth.”

It was clear that Ajib wanted to start following Christ. The follow-up team was able to connect him to an Arab church open to accepting believers from a Muslim background. The online pastor that has been in touch with him traveled there as well and met him face-to-face (and to be sure he was really who he said he was).

To the follow-up worker’s surprise Ajib’s story proved to be true – he was on a real journey with God. “The meeting lasted about two hours and we talked about many topics. We also discovered that he had invited some Christian friends who don’t have real faith to come with him to the church in order to get to know the Lord.”

Already, even though he is new to the Gospel, God is using Ajib to reach out to others and get them to recommit to their faith.

In the meantime the online pastors keep ministering to this young believer and guide him every step in his walk with the Lord.

Pray now…

  • Pray for Ajib. Ask his young faith will grow strong and he will come to know Jesus more and more.
  • Pray for Ajib’s Christian friends. Ask God would inspire them with Ajib’s faith to follow Jesus afresh.
  • Pray for the online pastors using social media to share God’s word in fresh and caring ways.

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