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Nepal: “This was the answer to our unceasing prayers”

September 7, 2020

Around the world, Christians are persecuted for lots of reasons, and in different ways. In Nepal, where it’s illegal to tell other people about Jesus and leaving traditional beliefs is seen as a complete betrayal of national identity, persecution can come in a number of ways. For Bhukima, a young mum in her 20s, it means not being able to access the local water pump to get essential water.

Her story started when she was suffering with an ongoing illness and her Christian sister-in-law started sharing about Jesus and praying with her. Eventually she became a Christian:

“We also started going to church together and although I did not understand much of it, with my sister-in-law’s encouragement I learnt how to pray. I also became much better in health and haven’t had any health issues ever since.

Her husband was’t so keen though – he was worried about what people would think if the family became Christians. But, after an accident at work left him injured and in need, he realised Jesus was his saviour.

Since Deepak was unable to recover and stand up on his feet, things were extremely hard for Bhumika. But Bhumika recalls that God was with them. One day, she had mustered up the courage to go to the shop and ask to buy rice on credit. Without saying a word, the shopkeeper gave her the rice. She says that she was astonished as she did not expect this. She then realized that God was watching over her and her family. Their local church also donated clothes for their family members as they couldn’t afford new ones.

Image: Bhukima’s land and goats (see below)…

New faith, new pressure…

But their new faith also led to persecution. There are a few believers in other villages in the area where Bhumika and her family live, but the rest of the people there are mainly Hindus. Most are against Christianity, as they see it as a foreign religion and a betrayal of the traditional beliefs and culture and traditions. Bhumika says, “In my village they do not allow me to fetch water from the village well, and we are not allowed to even touch the handle of the water pump. Often I went secretly at night to fetch water.”

There were times when people would take the handle of the water pump out and keep it with them so Bhumika couldn’t use it. At those times, she used to cry out to God, “Lord, we don’t have our own hand pump and my neighbors do not allow us to fetch water. But we look to You and hope in You. Please provide for our needs.”

Whenever there was a prayer or worship gathering at Bhumika’s house, their neighbors would cause disturbances and try to disrupt their meeting. Bhumika also faced persecution from her in-laws. Whenever someone from the family was ill, they blamed Bhumika and Deepak’s faith for it.

Image: The new water pump provided by Open Doors partners!

‘The answer to our unceasing prayers’

When Open Doors local partners heard about the family, they were able to help through the local church. Your prayers and support provided a water pump, installed outside the family’s house, and a few goats to help the family support themselves until Deepak is able to fully recover and find a better job.

Bhumika smiles as she says, “This was the answer to our unceasing prayers and of many others who prayed for us. Now, we have a hand pump of our own and that has made our life better. I neither have to fear being caught by my neighbors nor be afraid of depleting the water that has been stored. We no longer have a shortage of water in our house.

“When my family was despised by our relatives and isolated from our village, my family came together and prayed and as a result, God filled us with his joy and gave us strength to face this kind of persecution. He also provided for our needs whenever we prayed. I always felt God near us in the storms we faced.”

Amazing – thanks again for your prayers and support!

Pray now

  • Thank God for Bhukima and her family. Thank God for his provision and their faith.
  • For the local community and that Bhukima would be able to share Jesus’ love with others.
  • Pray this: Father God, please protect Your children in Nepal. We pray that You would provide Nepalese Christians with opportunities for work and community, and stem the tide of attacks by Hindu extremists. Particularly we ask for safety for Christian women and girls, who are often the most vulnerable.

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