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Nigeria: Christian communities attacked

January 16, 2017

An attack on two Christian communities in rural Nigeria has left unknown numbers killed.

The violence was caused by heavily armed Islamic Fulani herdsmen and tool place in southern Kaduna, in Nigeria’s Middle Belt. They also destroyed surrounding farms and buildings.

There are reports that bodies remain in the bush around Kagoro and Kafanchan – two towns which had been hosting displaced people fleeing Fulani violence from elsewhere – after people retrieving the bodies had been further attacked.

Christians in the town remain fearful as there are reports that Fulani herders are still hiding in the mountains surrounding the two towns.

According to some church leaders in Kafanchan, a total of 808 people have died in 53 villages in southern Kaduna since September. Furthermore, 57 people have been injured; farm produce estimated to be worth over £14,200 has been destroyed; and a total of 1,422 houses and 16 churches have burnt during the attacks.

More about Nigeria

Nigeria is number 12 on the 2017 Open Doors World Watch List – a ranking of the countries where Christians face the severest persecution for their faith.

While the Nigerian army has had some success in tackling the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram – which has attacked and abducted Christians in the north of Nigeria – most of the recorded killings of Christians in Nigeria have been carried out by Hausa-Fulani herdsmen, a radical Islamic tribe that frequently targets Christian communities.

Source: Open Doors

Pray now…

  • For God to comfort to all who have lost loved ones in the attacks on Kagoro and Kafanchan
  • For the Lord’s provision to the communities who are facing food shortages as a result of the violence
  • That the government will take sufficient action to protect the lives of Christians in Nigeria’s Middle Belt.

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