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Nigeria: Church congregation kidnapped

November 8, 2021

Please pray for our church family in Nigeria following another attack on Christians, this time by a group of bandits.

A Christian has been killed and at least 60 kidnapped after a group of bandits stormed a church in Kaduna state, Nigeria, onSunday (31 October).

It’s the latest in a string of kidnappings in Nigeria, with Islamic militants and armed bandits targeting people with increasing impunity. This has been aggravated by the government’s failure to decisively address the country’s rapidly growing security problem.

Christians are frequently the victims of these attacks. Often they are targeted specifically because of their faith; at other times, they are simply an easy target for violence. It’s not clear if this recent attack was religiously motivated, though observers report that armed bandit groups are at least to some extent influenced by the Islamic extremists Boko Haram.

To make things worse, the church was unable to call for help because the phone network in the region had been shut down. The bandits have reportedly asked for a higher ransom because they had to travel further for network service to contact the victims’ relations.

The government claims that security in the locality was strong, but Reverend Joseph Haya, chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), disputes this, saying security has worsened. “We are seriously worried now,” he said. “Gunmen are gradually approaching the township.”

Escalating extremism and lawlessness

“This kidnapping is a shocking example of the audacity of the so-called bandits and the impunity that is escalating, seemingly without bounds in Nigeria,” says Jo Newhouse, spokesperson for Open Doors work in sub-Saharan Africa.

“The government is grossly failing its citizens in this matter and the continuing lawlessness is creating ideal breeding ground for extremism. We call on the international Body of Christ to remain in fervent pray for the release of the church members, and pray that the Lord will use this situation to bring a breakthrough in this situation.”

Pray now…

  • That the church members will be released imminently and safely
  • That affected believers will experience God’s peace, comfort and healing
  • That God will intervene through the government to address this escalating slide towards lawlessness and extremism in the country.

Act now…

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Source: Politics Nigeria

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