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Nigeria: Displaced becoming desperate

April 11, 2016

Christians and others in Nigeria who have been displaced after Fulani tribesman killed hundreds, have become so desperate and frustrated that a food and relief distribution team were nearly attacked.

“The pastors there said it was all a result of their situation, no food, no support and people are dying in the camp due to lack of food. We thought we were going to give emergency relief to about 50 people but suddenly, over 1,000 people showed up” a relief worker on the ground told us.

These people were displaced when Muslim Fulani herdsmen killed at least 500 people in the mainly Christian area of Agatu in the central Benue state on the night of 21 February. An estimated 20,000 people were displaced by the violence.

Eleven days later relief workers and reporters saw that the herdsmen were still occupying at least six villages they had seized.

Open Doors is partnering with a local team to provide emergency aid as well as spiritual and pastoral care for those affected.

But Christians also face other problems. According to the UN nearly 15 million civilians have been affected by the insurgency by the militant Islamic group Boko Haram. They estimate that 2.2 million people have been displaced – 2 million of whom are in Borno state. Much of the violence perpetrated by Boko Haram against Christians has been in this area. Chibok, where the schools girls were kidnapped, is also in Borno state.

Where is this happening?

What you can do

Pray: Use the prayer points below…
Speak out: Invite your MP to a vital briefing on Nigeria…
Send a message of hope: Write to the families of the Chibok girls…

Pray now…

  • For comfort and provision for the survivors in Agatu
  • For strength and wisdom for the pastors and relief workers as they try to care for displaced people
  • For aid to come quickly to the internally displaced people who are in desperate need
  • For the local team Open Doors is partnering with. They are working hard to organise this emergency relief as well as spiritual and pastoral support for Christians in the area.

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
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