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Nigeria: ‘God is alive! He has answered our prayers’

May 26, 2020

“Today I am overjoyed! Open Doors has responded to our plight! You can see people are just laughing and happy because we have never received this kind of support. This has not only solved our physical needs but also our spiritual needs! I kept hearing my people say, ‘God is alive! He has answered our prayers and brought help to us’. This support has indeed brought hope back to the hearts of the people of Naka.”
Pastor Sunday, Nigeria

Pastor Sule Sunday ministers to people in Naka, a mostly Christian farming community situated in Benue State. It has always been a peaceful community. But things have changed in recent years. Climate change, politics and an Islamic expansionist agenda has increasingly brought militant Fulani herdsmen into the Middle Belt, often resulting in violence and destruction.

Hundreds of people were killed in a series of attacks last year, countless homes looted and destroyed and at least 12,580 people displaced, leaving many in desperation. These attacks have continued during the coronavirus lockdown – targeting Christians who have been isolating in their homes for protection.

“My community has experienced severe persecution from the Fulani herdsmen,” Sule explains. “We have lost houses, loved ones, our livelihoods, and our communities. It was a trying time for most of my church members.”

Image: Persecuted Christians queue for aid (photo taken before coronavirus restrictions)

But thanks to your support, Open Doors partners were able to visit with relief aid to many people Naka. Amazingly, this happened just before Covid-19 lockdown. If the delivery had been scheduled for any later time, travel restrictions would have meant that Open Doors partners wouldn’t have been able to go to Naka.

Your gifts and prayers mean that 1,500 families received food for three months, and money to help them get back on their feet and on the path to self-reliance.

Ngohide 38, a mother of three said, “Thank you for this food that you gave us – we didn’t expect this kindness. I will go home and cook for my children; we will eat and forget our troubles. God bless you.”

Pray now…

  • Join with Pastor Sule in praising God for the timing of the delivery
  • That the community in Naka would be protected from further attacks
  • For Pastor Sule and other church leaders caring for those experiencing trauma. May the Lord provide them with compassion and wisdom to comfort believers.

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