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Nigeria: Your letters delivered to Esther

June 3, 2019

Esther is 20. Her story is really tough. Open Doors first met her in a settlement for internally displaced people (IDP) in Maiduguri, northern Nigeria in 2017. She was captured by Boko Haram in Gwoza, and was held for three years – becoming pregnant during her captivity. When she managed to escape, her community would not accept her daughter Rebecca.

A letter-writing campaign for Esther and Rebecca has been running for several months; Open Doors worker Hanna* visited her recently to deliver some of the letters we have received from supporters so far, including one from an unexpected author – the Home Secretary, Jeremy Hunt!

Esther’s life is still complicated. She’s studying at college, but balancing the workload with a young daughter isn’t easy, especially when her grandmother doesn’t like having Rebecca around. Esther’s aunt has been helping out with childcare and Esther is trying to focus on her studies, but it’s hard having spent so much time out of school. Despite all this, Esther says:

“I am determined to continue till the end. God is helping me. Had it not been for his grace I would have stayed behind like many other girls and lost hope. I believe God has good plans for my life,’ she said.”

You can continue to send letters and cards to Esther and Rebecca until the end of August 2019.

Pray now…

  • Give thanks that Esther has been admitted to college; please pray for the Lord’s continued help to her in her studies
  • That Esther continues strongly in the faith; pray that He will continue the work He has started in her life and lead her into a deeper knowledge of Christ
  • That the Lord will soften her family’s hearts towards Esther and Becky.

See. Change. for more women like Esther…

You can help more believers like Esther. Check out the See. Change. campaign pages for ways to speak up, send hope, raise money and act for change!

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