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Not your typical phone repair shop

March 2, 2015

“It is so hard for many Christian believers to find any job in our country,” says Amirjan*. He lives in Central Asia, and despite having a degree in computer science, he wasn’t able to find a job and provide for his family. Open Doors provided him with a microloan which meant that he was able to open a computer and phone repair shop.

“My dream came true,” he said. “It is so amazing to own my business and do what I love to do for a living. My shop doesn’t bring a lot of profit; however, I’m sure God placed me here with a purpose.

“Making a profit is not even the main goal. Through my repair shop I teach other believers computers skills. For instance, right now we have two interns working in our repair shop. Both of them are pastors from different parts of our country. They are currently here to learn and gain skills so they might go back to their hometowns to lead the church… and start similar businesses.”

“We hope that a place like ours will show an example to many others so they will initiate similar projects providing working places for other Christians.”

Open Doors microloan projects have helped hundreds of local Christians in Central Asia to start their own businesses. Thanks to your support, these projects have helped strengthen the Church, enabling believers to stay and serve those around them.

*Names changed for security reasons

Source: Open Doors

Please pray…

  • For provision for Amirjan and other Christians seeking employment and independent living in Central Asia
  • For the church in Central Asia which operates under extremely dificult conditions
  • That the children we work with and their parents will know the love and peace of God.

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