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Only more pain when freed…

May 11, 2015

Ok, so this one is a bit shocking. Please read with caution, and please pray.

The reality of the situation facing Christians, and other minorities, across Iraq and Syria has been all over the news, but this story really does reveal the extent of the horrific cruelty many have been forced to bare.

A few days ago IS soldiers released a woman after months of captivity. She’d been regularly raped before IS released her, dropping her off in a city outside of their camp.

Since being freed the woman explained she was from one of the Christian villages surrounding Mosul and had been captured by IS together with her children.

She was taken to a monastery and given help. She was in a terrible physical and mental state. She had trouble remembering who she was, vaguely realising that she was a widow and had 3 children. She was so confused that she took of her clean clothes and put on her dirty clothes again. Tormented by what has happened to her she screams and pulls her hair. She has refused to eat anything and just drinks juice and water.

Since, she has shared some fragments of what had happened to her while she was kept by IS. She was held in a room together with some Yezidi women and was regularly raped by groups of men. Her children were also taken; she doesn’t know where they are.

Source: Open Doors USA

Please pray

This is a really horrific story. We publishing it so you’ll pray. Please pray for this woman, her children and the Yezidi women that were with her and also have been released. Pray for all those who are still being held and tortured by IS. Pray especially for the children. Pray for comfort, peace and healing. Pray for those taking care of the released. Pray for the members of IS conducting these crimes. Pray that God will change their hearts and bring them to salvation in His Son, Jesus.

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.