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Palestine: Giving God’s Word

Saed grew up in a majority Muslim area in Palestine. Muslims were burning Bibles distributed by missionaries.

“One day, I found those shreds of the gospel in the dust,” Saed said. “I took them home, glued them together and started reading them. That is how I learnt about God’s love for us, through Christ His Son.”

Image: Saed in Jalameh.

Today, there are only 67 Christians in his area. Saed shares the gospel by distributing Bibles.

“Christians can make a difference; they keep the community more tolerant, more diverse, and prevent it from radicalising. So, we really are the light and the salt,” Saed said.

The next generation

Saed also works hard to ensure his children hear about Jesus.

Image: Saed’s children reading their Action Bible.

“At school they hear a lot about the Quran and about Mohammed; they don’t have a choice. That’s why I work extra hard here at home to teach them about Jesus… I want my children to know what it means to be Christian… I hope the new generation will be eager to hear the gospel.”

Pray now…

  • Pray for Saed as he continues to give out Bibles. Pray that the Bibles that he distributes would find the right people, and open ears, eyes, hearts and minds
  • Pray for safety for Saed and the small number of Christians in his area. Pray they’d know God’s love, protection and favour.
  • Pray for young Christians in Palestine – ask that they would grow up knowing the truth of Jesus’ love and hope.

Value God’s Word like Saed!

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