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Philippines: 36 people baptised!

January 9, 2023

An annual gathering in southern Philippines has brought together more than a thousand believers from Muslim backgrounds – and led to 36 giving their lives to Jesus and getting baptised!

Each year, Open Doors local partners host a full day of worship and thanksgiving for believers from Muslim backgrounds. The latest gathering was the first large-scale event since the pandemic – and the numbers were more than double what they normally are!

36 baptisms and a boat

This included a house church of 100 people, many of whom gave their lives to Jesus during the pandemic. These believers are poor and getting to the event is costly, but such was their desire to join with other likeminded Christians, they saved up and put their money together to rent a large boat to accommodate them all.

“Glory to God, through the gathering, our faith was renewed,” said Kalti*, who leads the house church. “We are now more encouraged than ever to keep going and continue in our walk with Christ.”

In the afternoon 36 people were baptised. This included Tari*, who approached Shara*, one of the believers, during a song played in the morning celebration. “Shara, Christ is truly the true God. I have decided now to accept Christ into my life and to be baptised this afternoon.”

One in Christ

Those at the event came from three different Muslim tribes. Despite each having their own language, with each tribe having a representative to lead songs in their respective languages, they all mingled and celebrated together, culminating with a joint thanksgiving dance. As Paul says in Galatians 3:28, “For you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

The believers who attended face many challenges for their faith, including pressure and isolation, and being with other Christians from similar backgrounds offers a precious opportunity to be strengthened and encouraged.

Thank you for your incredible support. Please continue to pray for these believers, because growth in faith and numbers brings heightened risk of persecution.

Pray now…

  • Praise God for the wonderful things that happened during this gathering
  • For the provision of a steady income for these believers
  • That Open Doors local partners will be given strength, wisdom and encouragement as they continue to serve believers vulnerable to persecution.

Do something now…

Invite your MP to the launch of the 2023 World Watch List…

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3. Choose to Lose and raise money and prayer for those losing out because of their faith in Jesus…

*Names changed for security reasons

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