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Philippines: Eight young people baptised!

January 23, 2023

Great news! On the morning of January 8, eight young Muslim-background believers (six boys and two girls) choose to follow Jesus and got baptised on a small island in the southern Philippines. They all come from the same family.

The family lives in a house built on stilts above a river, so the baptisms took place just under their home! The young people are deeply passionate about their faith and are telling friends all about their love for Jesus even if those friends are opposed to their choice to become Christians.

Aysha*, who is part of the family, was so joyful that her brother and cousins had made the decision to be baptised: “I am happy and thrilled that more people are coming to Christ, especially in our family,” she shares. Aysha has been attending an Open Doors’ training programme, which has helped her share about Jesus with her wider family. The training aims to equip young people to be the next generation of leaders in the church.

These eight new young Christians will also be joining the training programme soon as they now have a desire and fire to serve God in their communities!

Pray now…

  • that these young people will grow in their faith despite the challenges they face
  • for their neighbouring families to see God’s love and light
  • for God to provide for them. Some of these boys, despite being young, go out fishing with their dads to provide income for their families. Because of their new faith, they face discrimination.
  • that they would shine God’s love and light to all those around them.

Do something now…

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