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Prayer can move the hand of God

November 2, 2015

Meet Sarah* a Christian in her twenties. She lives in Aleppo, in the North West of Syria. Her country is being torn apart by civil war, with Christians being targeted by extremist militant groups like IS. Despite the daily reminders of war and insecurity she says she still “believes that prayer can move the hand of God”.

Sarah truly understands how important prayer is. She says: “Of course prayer is important to me. I always expect the protection of the Lord and His care because of prayers… When I face a difficult or dangerous situation I text a prayer request to some of my friends to have them pray for me.”

A few years ago, Sarah felt that God was prompting her to start an interdenominational prayer meeting in Aleppo, but at first she wasn’t sure how it could be done. “I remember how I objected: ‘Lord, I am just a woman in my twenties. I know no bishops, I have no funding.’ After meeting with someone of Open Doors, the organisation turned out to be willing to fund the prayer meetings, but they wanted the meetings to have the support of a local church as well. I spoke to some priests and they agreed on the idea.

“First it was only [two denominations], but the third meeting was with all denominations. It was the first time in Aleppo that a meeting was held with all denominations. We had a time of worship and of free prayer. For several participants this was something new; they were not used to praying out loud in a church. Some 500 to 600 persons came to the meetings.”

We also pray for you

Our brothers and sisters in Syria are greatly encouraged to hear that their church family around the world is standing with them in prayer. Pastor Edward from Damascus says: “I want to express my deep appreciation for the people in the West who keep us Christians in Syria in their prayers… Your prayers encourage us. Through that we can encourage others.”

Brothers and sisters like Pastor Edward are in need of encouragement, as the civil war rages on with no sign of a peaceful solution. “Nowadays, it’s hard to find a safe place. Grenade shells fall every day and every other day we hear of people being injured or killed,” says Pastor Edward.

Another of our local partners, Pastor Samuel* from Aleppo, says: “The prayer of many Christians around the world gives the people in Aleppo the feeling they are not alone. I always mention it in church when I hear of people praying for us. It is an encouragement to know that we have brothers and sisters praying for us. Sometimes these people make their support even tangible by giving support for food packages.

“By the way, we also pray for you. We pray for those who pray for us and for those who support us in other ways.”

Stand with your family in Iraq and Syria

Visit the page below for six simple ways you can help your family in Iraq and Syria, from prayer to giving and telling others…

*Names changed for security reasons

Pray now…

  • Praise God for the unity being fostered among the church in Syria
  • For strength for our local partners such as Pastor Samuel and Pastor Edward as they serve their people
  • For continued provision and comfort for the thousands of families who have been forced to flee their homes, but remain trapped in Syria
  • For wisdom for the leaders of Syria and surrounding nations.

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.