Act now and pray for those suffering for their faith... 

Still shining

December 7, 2015

In the last week, the UK government has begun a bombing campaign in Syria. Whatever you think of the decision, we know one thing – our church family in Syria, need our prayers and support as much as ever.

Alongside the violence of the civil war that began in 2011, Christians in Syria have been the targets of Islamic extremists. Pastor Samuel* from Aleppo says: “Most churches were already targeted by the fanatics. Rockets and shells fall in the Christian areas. That is why a lot of the Christians left the city. They want everyone to be a Muslim, they want Christians to leave.”

All tangible elements of the church have disappeared, yet the church as the Body of Christ still functions.

But even in the face of the fiercest attacks, the church has continued to stand. Robert, Open Doors co-ordinator for Syria and Iraq, says: “We observe a new development best described as an ‘internally displaced church’. Every now and then we discover complete parishes adrift. Islamic State confiscated their church building, demolished their valuables, and burned their Bibles. Despite this, the priest and his deacons continue holding services. Functions are fulfilled and prayers ascend to God. All tangible elements of the church have disappeared, yet the church as the Body of Christ still functions.”

How the church helps…

The church is a vital lifeline for thousands in Syria. “From the very start of the crises in Iraq and Syria, churches spontaneously formed an approachable relief network,” Robert says. “Displaced Christians asked for help at local churches. It was there they met pastors and parishioners who provided them with their essential needs. In most cases they still do.”

Pastor Samuel is one of our local partners, and we resource his church with food, blankets and other essential items to give to those in need, thanks to the generosity of our supporters. He says: “There is a lot of malnutrition in Aleppo. If the church did not help the people with food parcels, if we did not help the suffering families who have no income, how would they survive? Who would help if the church doesn’t help?

“We provided blankets for the winter; there is no fuel to heat the homes and it can be very cold in the winter. We provide them with bread; for us bread is a basic need, like rice in Asia.”

Our only protection is from the Lord

In order to continue this vital work, the church in Syria needs our prayers for protection, provision and strength. “Our only protection is from the Lord,” says Pastor Samuel. “We pray, I pray, I hand myself over to the hands of the Lord. I always have the fear when I go out to meet with a family that this could be my last journey on earth.”

The prayers of brothers and sisters in Christ from around the world are a great encouragement to believers in Syria. Pastor Samuel says: “Whenever I hear of this, when someone calls, and when I receive mail, I announce it in the church. People are thankful; they feel they are not alone when they hear it. They appreciate the concern of our brothers and sisters.”

Turning bad into good

Open Doors is providing food and hygiene kits for almost 10,000 families – around 50,000 people – every month in Syria through local churches and partners. This simply wouldn’t be possible without your continuing prayers and generosity.

As well as helping the people of Syria to simply stay alive, the church in Syria is also allowing people to find new life in Christ. One of our workers says: “God is turning the bad into good. I am amazed how many Muslims have converted to Christ. I see full churches now.”

We expect to have delivered 100,000 books, including Bibles, gospels and children’s Bibles, to Syria in 2015. One new believer, who received a Bible, said: “Every morning my wife and I take the Bible and read it and take time to pray. I cannot sleep without reading my Bible.”

Pray now…

  • That the church would continue to shine as a light in the darkness
  • For protection, strength and provision for people like Pastor Samuel who are working to serve the people of Syria
  • That this crisis would continue to draw many to the Lord
  • For wisdom for global leaders to know how to respond to the crisis.

Do something…

You can help now…
Use your voice: Invite your MP to the launch of our annual report on persecution…
Secret Santa: Buy a meaningful gift as a Secret Santa pressie this Christmas…
Six ways to help: Six simple ways to stand with your family in Syria…

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