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Sudan: Churches attacked as crisis deepens

May 22, 2023

The crisis in Sudan continues to deepen, bringing devastation to thousands of lives. Several churches have also been damaged in attacks, the latest at the weekend when a church leader was beaten. Here we have the latest from the country, including a Q&A on the situation with Fikiru*, an Open Doors research expert for East Africa.

Five people were injured, including a church leader, when a church was attacked in Sudan last Sunday (14 May). It’s one of several churches caught in the crossfire since conflict broke out last month.

On entering Mar Girgis (St George) Coptic Church in Omdurman at the weekend, unidentified, plain-clothed attackers shot at worshippers and attacked the priest, Anba Sarabamon, leaving him with multiple fractures. They destroyed his residence and raided the home of an elderly women and a dormitory for young women, before taking off with the priest’s car.

The two opposing sides at the heart of Sudan’s conflict – the National Army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) – blame each other for the attack. The weekend also saw attacks on two mosques and two hospitals.

Earlier this month, rockets damaged two churches. This follows attacks on two churches in April, including All Saints Anglican Cathedral in Khartoum at the hands of RSF soldiers.

Since fighting broke out on 15 April, more than 700 people have lost their lives, and nearly a million people have either fled the country or been displaced internally. Attempts by the warring groups to reach a resolution to the escalating conflict have so far proved futile, prolonging the devastation that’s gripping the nation.

Pray this…

Heavenly Father, we cry out for an end to this conflict. Soften the hearts of those heading up these warring groups; lead them towards compromise and awaken in them a deep compassion for those suffering. Provide food, water and other necessities for all those in need, comfort those grieving, and heal all who are wounded. Strengthen and unite your church, and may they be bearers of Your love during this crisis. Amen.

Prayer points…

  • For reconciliation between the army and RSF, and an end to hostilities
  • For the safety of all citizens and the provision of all needs
  • That Islamists will not get a foothold in the country, and that the positive developments made in recent years will be built upon rather than undone.

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