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Syria: I could not hold my tears

October 3, 2016

Ceasefires ending, fighting continuing, people still fleeing and world governments not agreeing. The situation in Syria seems hopeless. But, in the midst of the pain and suffering, are stories of hope, love and life…

“Seven hundred Christian families came”

Pastor B is an Open Doors partner from Tartus, Syria. He and his church team now supply relief packs to 2,000 families in ten different locations. When fighting gets fierce in Syria, his city sometimes faces sudden new influxes of families.

“A lot of families fled to what are considered ‘safe areas’,” Pastor B told us. “In just fifteen days, no less than 700 Christian families and a similar number of Muslim families came from Aleppo to Tartus and Mashta al Helou. These families tried to flee to Turkey, but they were unable to do so.”

Pastor B tells the people’s reaction following another bomb attack: “After the attack I observed how people were moving. The signs of fear were obvious on their faces. I saw mothers racing to the schools to get their children. However, as they were going, the city was completely shut down by security forces. This caused even a greater fear and anger. I could not hold my tears…

“Pray for these newly arrived people, that they will get the support they need. We ask for your prayers for wisdom how to best manage this drastic increase of internally displaced people. Syria witnessed an increase in [food] prices to levels we haven’t seen before.”

Open Doors partners are providing tens of thousands of families with vital aid and long-term support. But their work is hard, and no one knows when the crisis will end. The global church cannot stand by and let the church in the Middle East be destroyed or forgotten.

Pray now…

  • Thank you, Lord, that you can reach people even in the most cut off and dangerous of places. Please bring comfort to the people of Syria now
  • For Open Doors partners, like Pastor B, and all others assisting displaced people in Syria, that they would have resources and wisdom in how to support them
  • That more people in the region would see and know the love of Christ and the church.


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