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Syria: Rebuilding homes and lives

November 13, 2017

Your amazing support and prayers are helping to provide vital support for families in Syria. See how…

An Open Doors partner who coordinates food distribution to families in Aleppo told us, “The people are very tired and some are even in despair. Our support gives them the strength to continue. We see that this support is really important for them.”

One of the families that your support is helping in Aleppo is a family with one son and three daughters. The man, in his fifties, suffers from diabetes and recently had a toe amputated. His son lost his job because of the war, and after being unemployed for some time, he finally left Syria to find work abroad. The three daughters stayed with their parents; two are still at university, while the other has graduated. She is the only one working in the family, and she tries to support them all with her small income, but’s not enough.

A church member who frequently visits the family says, “In spite of all the difficulties, we can say they are still strong. They look up to heaven and raise their hands to pray to God, and they face all the problems with their strong faith. Thanks to your support, we were able to afford the medical support that they need frequently, in addition to the food support.”

Syria’s civil war has forced about half of the Syrian population to leave their homes and move to other parts of the country that are more secure, or to leave the country completely. Those who have been displaced within Syria have often fled their homes with nothing, including their businesses and sources of income. Prices have gone up in Syria, making the situation for those people even harder.

Repairing homes…

In the parts of Syria that are more stable, Open Doors has been able to help some families to repair their homes through local partners. In October, an elderly couple, Antoom and Basima, were able to return to their house in Homs after six years of displacement. “I didn’t expect that we would be able to come back, but we did! I am so happy, this house has belonged to our family for more than 100 years. I thank God for the people who supported us.”

Three things you can do…


  • For provision and hope for those within Syria who have been displaced and left with nothing
  • For the pastors and volunteers who visit displaced families and help to organise support for them, for energy and wisdom
  • For projects being organised by Open Doors partners to rebuild homes and start small businesses, that they would be successful.

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Give. Every £15 could go towards rebuilding a home or setting up a family in employment in Iraq. Give here…

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