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Syria: Rebuilding hope

Milad was studying and working in the hotel business when the war broke out in Syria, and he lost his job due to the fighting. He found another job, but was then injured in a car bomb. He says, “The doctors had to amputate my left leg; my brother lost a leg too. We were severely burned and had to stay in hospital for three months.”

Milad was unemployed for 18 months after losing his leg, but then finally found work in a furniture factory in Homs that has been opened by Open Doors partners, thanks to your support.

“I am working as an accountant in that factory; my brother found work there too. We are currently manufacturing beds and clothes. I thank Open Doors for giving me the chance to work again in this project of the church, because I can’t work in any other place because of my health situation.

God won’t give up on us…

“Despite all that happened to us, my hope in God remained big. God won’t give up on us. I learned this from the incident that happened to us. Jesus said: ‘Don’t be afraid, I am with you till the end of the world.’ I kept on going to the church and now pray more than before.

“I would love to stay in my country and I have big hopes for tomorrow that our country will be better than before.”

“Despite all that happened to us, my hope in God remained big. God won’t give up on us.

Milad asks for our continuing prayers. “I ask people to pray for me and for my family, for an end to this hard phase. Please pray for my missing brother (one of his brothers has been missing since 2012) and for all the missing people and kidnapped persons to get back to their families. Pray that God will heal the wounded.”

Roger*, who oversees the work of Open Doors local partners in Syria, says of the furniture factory, “It is a hope-giving project. Over 30 people, men and women, are now able to have a paid job in the factory, providing an income for a similar number of families. As people have a job and an income, this will motivate them to stay in the city.”

Pray now…

  • For Milad and his family to continue to find hope and comfort in God
  • For Milad’s missing brother to be reunited with the family, and for others who are missing to be able to return home
  • For physical and emotional healing for the people of Syria
  • For strength and wisdom for Open Doors partners as they continue to support thousands of families with vital aid and long-term support
  • For peace in Syria.

Give now…

Every £15 could go towards rebuilding homes or restoring livelihoods in Iraq and Syria. Anything you can afford to give will be put to use.

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