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This book is protecting us…

June 25, 2014

The situation in Syria isn’t improving. With the world’s attention being drawn to the unfolding events in the Iraq, Nigeria and the Ukraine, Syrian people are still in the midst of a war that is tearing the country apart.

Extremist Islamic elements are now part and parcel of the pretty fragmented but loosely aligned opposition forces, who are trying to overthrow the old regime. And Christians are still caught in the middle, finding themselves in extremely vulnerable positions.

Open Doors is currently providing relief, support and help to around 8,000 families inside Syria each month. After last year’s Save Syria campaign, hundreds of thousands of people took a stand and signed a petition calling world leaders to act – and please keep praying that they do.

‘Mom, why are you so afraid? Don’t you know that the owner of this book is protecting us?’

But sometimes, the numbers can feel pretty alienating. Its key we keep realising the war is affecting real people – and despite the nightmare of the last two years, there is always hope.

Part of the work of Open Doors involves distributing Bibles. One of our contacts had given a little 9 year old boy an ‘Action Bible’ – which, if you don’t know is a awesome comic book version of the Bible. He was keen on it and carried it about with him pretty much everywhere.

Not long after he was with his mum, walking down the street, when all of a sudden shots were fired and gunfire opened up around them. His mum, and most others in the street were panicking and crying out. But in all this chaos, the boy looked up to his mum, hugged his bible and said:

‘Mom, why are you so afraid? Don’t you know that the owner of this book is protecting us?’

Amazing and heart-breaking at the same time. The boy and his mother were safe, and soon after the mum realised that her little son’s faith had made a massive impression on her saying ‘I don’t have to panic, God is with us’.

Where is Syria

What to pray for…

  • For families living through the crisis in Syria. Pray for protection and that children growing up in the midst of war and carnage would know peace and security.
  • Pray for governments and decision makers to act quickly to do what they can to help end the war.
  • Pray that the Bibles Open Doors sends will be an amazing source of courage, comfort and help to those who receive them, and that many would fall into the hands (and change the lives) of people who’ve never encountered Jesus before.

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.