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Vietnam: “I will obey God instead of men”

January 4, 2022

This is actual footage of a Vietnamese Christian family’s home in flames, after villagers set it on fire. It happened recently, when Moos (name changed) and his family refused to renounce Jesus and continued to tell other families about the gospel.

Moos and his family became Christians in 2018, and ever since have been persecuted by the local authorities and villagers who see their conversion as a betrayal of the tribe. Despite threats and vandalism, Moos has kept telling people about Jesus – and has led 10 local families to Christ!

“I will obey God instead of men,” said Moos. And since then, the persecution has escalated. Now they’ve lost everything they own, and everything they need to farm, in this arson attack.

The family is now temporarily staying at a church member’s house, and a local Open Doors partner in Vietnam is in touch with a local church to provide more help to courageous Moos and his family.

Pray now…

  • That the Lord will continue to give peace, comfort and strength to Moos and his family
  • That the Lord will use His people to provide for all the family’s practical and spiritual needs
  • For the hearts of the villagers to change, so that they would see the truth of the love of Jesus that Moos is sharing with them.

Act now…

1. Start a journey of brave faith. Get inspired by Moos’ courageous faith and choose to step out with Jesus. Get our free Brave Faith journal now…
2. Choose to Lose. Give up something you love for a short time to raise funds for Christians like Moos who have given up much because of their love of Jesus. Get a free fundraising pack here…

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