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Vietnam: ‘My parents still despise me’

March 29, 2021

You might remember the story of Poh (not his real name), a Hmong believer from Vietnam who was attacked by his father for boldly proclaiming his faith. We shared his story of brave faith last year as part of the Blackout challenge. He was forced to leave his village because of his faith in Jesus, but thanks to your prayers and support, Open Doors local partners were able to buy a piece of land where Poh built a new home for his young family.

Image: Poh and his family outside their new home (their faces have been blurred to protect their identities)

Recently, a year after we first met him, Open Doors local partners called to see how Poh is doing now.

“I thank God for His grace and blessings,” Poh says. “My family and I have been experiencing a more stable life now that we are living in a Christian community and with our house just nearby the church.

“I had the opportunity to share the Gospel to my brother. He was sick and I told him about Jesus being the greatest healer. I introduced the Lord to him, and he converted. But immediately, the villagers threatened to kick him out of the village if he will not deny his newfound faith. The villagers told my brother that they will do the same thing that they did to me if he will not recant. He was afraid and had no choice.”

“My parents still despise me…”

“A few months ago, I went back to my old village to visit my parents and siblings, but my family and the villagers still hate me – they forbade me from going near them. My parents still despise me and have renounced me as their child.

“Covid-19 has also been a hurdle. Although I can now farm, I do not have the money to buy the seeds and fertilizer. I also cannot go to the town and look for a job there because of the restrictions. Pray that God will provide me and my family with our needs and that I will have a stable source of income.

“Despite these challenges, I am now serving the Lord. I am now a fulltime church worker. The Lord has also blessed us with another baby last year.”

“We want to say thank you…”

Quan*, Poh’s pastor, whom we also met in 2020, cannot contain his thankfulness, especially after hearing the letters of encouragement and prayers Open Doors supporters sent to Poh and his family.

“We want to say thank you my brothers and sisters in Christ who have been praying for Poh and his family. By the pureness of your hearts, you made a family become strong in their faith and now, they are serving Him. If not for your prayers and practical support, I do not know what would have happened to Poh’s family. We are grateful to the Lord for all of you. We will continue to serve the Lord and fulfill our mission to share the Gospel to our tribe.”

Through Poh’s local church, Open Doors local partners will continue to help to Poh’s family. They will provide the family with rice and clothes for the children, and ensure Poh has what he needs to get back to farming so that he will have a more stable livelihood.

Pray now…

  • Poh says, “Pray that God will provide me and my family with our needs and that I will have a stable source of income.”
  • Pray that the Lord will continue to open doors for Poh, Mai, and the children to be bold witnesses to their tribe, especially to Poh’s unbelieving parents.
  • Pray for forgiveness and reconciliation between Poh and his family.
  • Continue to pray for Poh’s church and their pastor as he leads and disciples his congregation. Pray that they would grow in their love for Jesus and obedience to Him.

What you can do now…

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