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#westandtogether: Call to prayer!

April 6, 2020

The world is facing the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, and though we’re having to stay home, that doesn’t mean we can’t act. We can pray in solidarity with those on the front lines. That includes the NHS, those affected and their families – and also our nation’s decision makers, who are having to act quickly and wisely.

Open Doors’ Advocacy team works directly with civil servants, MPs and organisations that shape and directly influence UK politics. Thanks to you filling in petitions and sending emails we know MPs are more aware than ever of the pressing issues facing the persecuted church.

And those MPs and politicians are among those who are now under incredible pressure due to the coronavirus outbreak.

As people of prayer and action, we want to show parliamentarians that we stand with them and with the most vulnerable in our global society, like our persecuted family.

So, we’re asking you to write a prayer and send it to us so we can make sure our nation’s leaders know you are praying for them at this difficult time.

Write, draw and paint your prayers

You can use these points as inspiration, but feel free to get creative – and ask God to guide you in your prayers

Pray for wisdom, courage and unity for our nations’ leaders, MPs and Christians in Government as they make decisions
Pray for the most vulnerable in our global society who will be disproportionately affected by the coronavirus. Through our prayers we can ensure that the persecuted church is not forgotten
Pray that the church would shine the light of Jesus and see God’s hand move in incredible ways.


Take a photo of your prayer and share it with us

Take a photo of your prayer and send it to or post it on social media tagging @opendoorsuk @opendoorsyouth and @opendoorsyouthuk (on Instagram) and use thethe hashtag #WeStandTogether. We’ll gather your prayers and make sure they go to the right places and people.

Our persecuted family teach us that God is good regardless of the crises we face. We can learn from their example. Let’s be asking God what encouragements our leaders need right now? Send us your prayer for our leaders by the end of May.

Isolated Church: Weekly series throughout the lock-down

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