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September 23, 2014

Open Doors is joining with a coalition of NGOs to bring the suffering Syrian population back into the centre of the debate, where they belong.

The #WithSyria campaign calls on people to stand in solidarity with victims of the Syrian conflict. We have worked closely with the church in Syria to call on world leaders to act now to end the bombing of Syrian civilians.

Let’s join together and make these calls again, backing the church’s call for a ceasefire and protection for all.

Watch the video, sign the petition and pray for Syria and strength for the church there. We will not let them be forgotten.

The true cost

The human cost of the Syrian crisis – now over three years long – is unbearable.

Hanna, a Christian woman living in Damascus with her husband and two daughters, tells us about a bombing of a nearby school in Damascus.

“They were bombing Bab Toma, the old city of Damascus. A lot of Christians live there. There is also a Christian school, a private one. We know a lot of people in that school, some children from our area also go to school there…when those kids went to school, gathered at the square like they always do, a mortar fell in their midst. Some friends passed by the school and saw how parents and teachers were carrying their wounded children out of the school, dripping with blood. How they were running to the hospitals in panic…Twelve people lost their lives in that school yesterday, most of them children from the elementary school. Many more of them have lost arms and legs or have other injuries.”

Thanks to you, Open Doors is able to help the church reach out to a suffering nation, bringing humanitarian relief to over 9,000 families, providing trauma counselling and delivering hope.

And thanks to you our voice is being heard. In 2013, over 329,000 people signed the Open Doors Save Syria petition worldwide, which called on the international community to…

  • Protect the lives, livelihoods and freedoms of all the people of Syria
  • Safeguard the existence of the Christian community and in particular stop the assaulting, kidnapping, torture and killing of Christians by extremist and criminal groups
  • Guarantee safe fair and proper access for all to humanitarian assistance, both inside and outside Syria
  • Make it possible for Christians to remain in and/or return safely to their homes without fear or threat of violence

Please join us in renewing that call, and standing #WithSyria.

Please pray

  • For peace in Syria and for healing for the victims
  • For protection of minorities and other vulnerable groups
  • For the witness of the church as it reaches out in peace and love to all sides

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.