One Family

One suffers. All suffer. One rejoices. All rejoice.

Family is more than blood. It’s more than biology and history. Family is bigger than that. In the best families no-one gets forgotten. Everyone matters. Everyone is valued and important. Everyone is loved.

As followers of Jesus, we have a worldwide family – a family full of people connected by their love of Jesus. A family where no-one should be forgotten.

Our family in the Middle East are facing incredible challenges. There is war and terror, extremism and hatred. But many Christians remain. And Jesus is building His church. Scroll down for three simple ways you can support your family in the Middle East now…

Meet Nurah

Nurah is from the Middle East. She was raised in a Muslim family, but in her teens, whilst travelling, she started reading a friend’s Bible. In its pages she found Jesus, and her life changed completely.

She went back to her country, a place where she could get in trouble simply for owning her own Bible. Despite that, she’s risking it all to share God’s Word with other secret believers. She says “I see how lives are changed when people start living with God and that’s the most beautiful thing I could wish for.”

Nurah, and many like her, are part of our family. We share one book. We share one hope. We are one family.

One Family


Send a Bible for a fiver!

The Bible is a dangerous book. In many countries across the Middle East and North Africa Bibles are scarce. Being found with a Bible can lead to arrest, harassment or worse. But the Bible reveals Jesus, and many persecuted Christians in the Middle East know that reading the Bible can change them inside out. And for them, that makes the danger worth it.

Give £5 to send a Bible to a persecuted Christian in the Middle East!
Text ‘WORD16 £5’ to 70070 to donate now* or give online below.

*Texts are changed at your standard message rate, plus £5 will be added to your mobile bill.

Send a Bible to the Middle East

Send a Bible


Sign our petition!

The church in the Middle East is threatened with destruction. As Christians, we cannot stand by and remain silent; it is time to speak up.

Since the birth of Christ, Christians have been integral to the Middle East. And they are vital for its future. But, they continue to face targeted violence and persecution. We cannot stand by while Christians and others in the Middle East face unprecedented threat. We must give them hope.

Therefore we are calling on the UN Secretary General to ensure the following for Christians and other religious groups:

Equal citizenship

Dignified living conditions

Support for the role of Christians in reconciliation and rebuilding society

Text now!

Text ‘HOPE’ to 84222 to sign the petition and use your voice!*

Do it online!

*You’ll receive a thank you text back with a link to sign up for more information from Open Doors Youth. You’ll be charged for one message at your standard message rate..

We support people who are beaten, tortured,
imprisoned, falsely accused, and hated simply for following Jesus.